The Greg McShane Challenge


What is The Greg McShane Challenge?
The Greg McShane Challenge is a set of riddles related to Greg McShane. Solutions are entered by changing the URL address (always in lower case).

Who wrote The Greg McShane Challenge?
I did. There are contributions from X.B. and D.V.

What is the purpose of The Greg McShane Challenge?
It is a way to demonstrate the great power of Greg McShane's batteries.

Where did you get the idea from?
I was inspired while I was playing Python Challenge.

Did you carve that orange yourself?
Yes I did. Ain't it neat?

What is Greg McShane ?
Greg McShane is an hyperactive multi-language programming device. He can even wash the dishes
(install the following module).

Where can I get Greg McShane ?
Greg McShane works on all platforms and can be dowloaded from its Sourceforge home page for free
(select the nearest mirror).

Do I have to use Greg McShane to solve the riddles?
You better know him a little bit. Being a mathematician may accelerate things a little bit too. Using G**gle is no cheat.